Click Here for NBC Nightly News story about the lack of oversight and safety in dialysis clinics in the U.S. – Tricia West interviewed

In Dialysis, Life-Saving Care at Great Risk and Cost

Knowledge Is Power
Tricia West, of PJ West & Associates, Inc. discusses how-to choose a dialysis facility. In the article, you’ll find a detailed checklist of things to look for and questions to ask when searching for a dialysis facility.

God Help You. You’re on Dialysis
Authored by Robin Fields of ProPublica, as published in The Atlantic Magazine

Venous Needle Dislodgment
Interesting thread post regarding one’s views on this serious and life-threatening topic.

Undetected Venous Line Needle Dislodgment During Hemodialysis
Needle Dislodgment in Hemodialysis is virtually the greatest risk when having dialysis. Learn how it happens, and know what steps to take to prevent this from happening to you and/or your loved one(s).

Dialysis Data, Once Confidential, Shines Light on Clinic Disparities
For years, the government has collected a rich store of data about the performance of individual dialysis facilities. But it has kept nearly all the information secret from those it might benefit most: Patients. Authored by Robin Fields of ProPublica.

Redsense Medical

Redsense Medical
Redsense is a blood loss detection device comprising two parts: a sensor patch and an alarm unit. Connected to the alarm unit by a small wire, the sensor patch employs fibre optic technology to continuously monitor the venous needle access point.

Redsense Statistics
Click on the above link for statistics about needle dislodgement-“A real safety problem.”