“We were very impressed with the services of PJWA. They were efficient, highly competent, thorough, and professional.”
— Law Offices of H.K. and R., Los Angeles, CA

“PJWA was clearly instrumental in our winning the case. Their professionalizm was an asset to our legal team.”
— J.C.Esq., Beverly Hills, CA

“The Staff at PJWA saved us time and money. Due to their expertise and attention to detail, we were able to negotiate a better settlement.”
— Law firm of K,J,S & B, San Francisco, CA

“As soon as we declared our experts (from PJWA) opposing counsel offered a settlement. Having experts whose reputations precede them is a huge asset for counsel.”
— NSS, Attorney at Law Los Angeles, CA

“I found the services provided by PJWA indispensable. Without their support and advice, several of our cases would not have gone forward to a successful conclusion.”
— A.L., Esq., Sherman Oaks, CA

“I have worked with Tricia West for years because she is a passionate advocate for the truth. If I’m wrong and my criticisms of a doctor or nurse are off base, she’ll tell quickly and bluntly. But if she thinks someone has been hurt, or that that Medicare or Medi-Cal has been defrauded, she is by my side every step of the way. She cares deeply about what happens to patients. In all these years in health care, she has never lost sight of the basic rule: Patients come first.”
— Mark Kleiman, Esquire, Venice, CA

“Tricia West goes above and beyond anyone I have ever seen to ensure not only that plaintiff attorneys like me with whom she works are well informed, have a clear understanding of the medicine and can advocate effectively on behalf of their clients with solid medical evidence, but also to ensure that the rights of those injured as a result of medical negligence are protected and promoted in the most effective ways possible. She is never afraid to speak the truth, whether it is to protect and support a health care provider who has been wrongly accused of malpractice, or to hold a negligent health care provider responsible for harm caused to a patient. She is a consummate Legal Nurse Consultant from whose services I have benefited countless times over many years, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my colleagues and clients.”
— Nora Hovsepian, Esquire, Encino, CA